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Contest Rules:

To enter the contest you must bring your deer trim or whole carcass deer to the locker along with a picture of it.

All photos and deer trim must be from the current deer season.

All pictures will posted on our web page and/or our Facebook page. 

The contest will cover all of the deer seasons.  There will be two prizes awarded for each season.  Youth, Bow, Muzzle-loader, and Shot Gun.  The Prizes will be for best picture and most unique rack.  So it doesn't matter if it is the biggest buck for this contest.

All youth hunters will receive a prize for entering. 

We are looking forward to seeing all the deer  pictures. 

If you have any questions call us at 641-393-2287 and ask for Roger or Mary.

Deer Contest

2013/2014 Deer Season


Al Rausch

Deer Story:
I got out to the stand later then I'd planned and went to a spot that I put up a new stand in early September. As I got out to my spot I was welcomed by about 20 cows grazing under my stand. Since that spot seemed to be a no go, I decided to try to make it over to my other stand on the opposite side of the woods. As I made my over there I noticed a combine was taking beans out right next to the woods, so that spot seemed to be shot as well. I decided to take a stroll around the woods and look for a couple spots that may be alright to put stands up in for the next year. It was about 5:30PM and I returned back to my original spot and the cattle had moved onto the pasture away from my stand. I decided to crawl up into the stand and sit until dark just for the heck of it. About 20 minutes in the stand a doe came passing through followed by two more does. I then looked to my right and about 80 yards away stood a buck just on the outside of the woods. I decided to hit the grunt call and see what he did. He heard the grunt and came running in to me and turned at about 30-35 yards. He turned broadside and I took a look at the rack and decided he looked like a shooter. He started walking away and I knew my shot window was closing quickly and he’d be behind me. I pulled back and he stopped, I let an arrow fly and saw the arrow crack him in what looked to be a good vitals shot. He ran into the timber. I got out of the stand called a buddy and was hoping that if I found him there wasn't any ground shrinkage to his rack :) I walked about 75 yards and saw a deer body lying on the edge of the woods. I was pretty pumped to see the second deer I'd ever taken with a bow had a goofy rack with 14 points. I was even more excited to see that my hours of practicing in the back yard paid off when I found that I'd hit him directly in the lungs! Attached is what I got. I'm pretty excited get my meat back, the Elma Locker had a great variety of things to my venison into! A lot of the things they offered I haven’t seen at any other locker! Thanks for letting me post my deer and my hunt!



Jay Bruns 2013 Deer Contest Winner.

Jay shot these two deer side by side during shot gun season.  He received an Elma Locker Jacket.

Cameron Ollendick took her deer during Youth Season.  At age 12 this was her first deer and it was a nice 8 pointer. She won an Elma Locker shirt and hat.

“Opening day Early Muzzleloader 2013.  Taken at our Family Farm Pond near Protivin.  In the photo with me are my daughters, Ashley 13 and Abbey 10.”

Craig Fencl


Brad Klobassa won Most Unique Rack.  He took his deer Bow Hunting.  This a palmated rack.  Very unique.  Brad won an Elma Locker  shirt, hat and koozie. 

Karissa Smith took this deer bow hunting and was a winner for best picture in her category.  She won an Elma Locker shirt, hat and koozie.

Matt Crooks took this buck during Early Muzzleloader season.  He won an Elma Locker shirt, hat and koozie.

Austin Ptacek took his deer during Youth Season.  At age 11 he took a very respectable 10 point buck.  He won an Elma Locker shirt and hat. 

Ryan Crooks took this beautiful 10 point buck during Shot Gun Season.  He wins an Elma Locker shirt, hat and koozie.

Scott Augustine took his buck during bow season this year.  He wins an Elma Locker shirt, hat and koozie. This is a wall-hanger.

Jeff Lentz took this buck during shot gun season.  He won an Elma Locker shirt, hat and koozie.

Kent Hrbek took his buck during shot gun season.  He won an Elma Locker shirt, hat and koozie. 

Craig Fencl took his buck during Early Muzzleloader.   He won best picture for his category and received an Elma Locker shirt, hat and koozie.

Youth Season

Thank you to all of the hunters who entered our Deer Contest.  Below are the pictures of all the entries.  We have enjoyed seeing all the pictures and reading about the hunt.  Hopefully, next year we will see you again in our Deer Contest.


Bow Season

2013/2014 Deer Season Contest Winners

Early Muzzleloader Season

Shot Gun Season