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Butchering & Processing

The Elma Locker & Grocery, Inc. specializes in butchering and processing of beef, hogs, buffalo, goats, sheep, and lambs.  We also process deer trim, whole field dressed deer, and we participate in the HUSH program.  Click on the products page in the menu to the left to see the products we carry, and the products we can make from your beef, hog, buffalo, goat, sheep, lamb, and deer.  To see the cutting instructions for beef and pork click on the Beef Cutting Instructions or the Pork Cutting Instructions button in the menu bar.

 To participate in the HUSH program the deer must be field dressed and delivered to the locker PROMPTLY if the weather is unseasonably warm. Field dressed is having ALL organs and waste (guts) cleaned out from the deer, the H bone split, and the rectum removed.  HUSH stands for Help Us Stop Hunger.  HUSH deer are trimmed out and ground for burger.  The local food bank picks up the deer burger and distributes it locally. This is a great way to have the fun of hunting and the satisfaction of helping to feed the hungry in our area.

During deer hunting season we have a cooler available at all hours for drop off of whole carcass deer up on the hill.  We ask that people put their deer tag on the carcass and CLOSE the cooler door behind them.

We process the deer taken by youth, bow, and early muzzle loader seasons before we process the shot gun season deer.  We do our best to process all deer in the order they have been delivered to the locker and we appreciate everyone's patience.

We expect the deer trim delivered to the locker for processing to be free of hair and bloody pieces.  Additional charges maybe incurred, because of poorly trimmed/skinned deer.  We prefer deer trim to be in pieces, not ground, and no other meats added to the deer, like beef or pork.   Also, when delivering field dressed deer we prefer the hide to be left on the carcass.  Removing the hide does not save you money on the processing.  The hide actually protects the meat on the carcass.

*Attention All Deer Hunters*

Your health is important to us.  This is why we strongly suggest you bring your order in food grade safe containers or bags.  Food grade bags are available most anywhere for purchase, including at our store.  Deer brought in NOT in food grade safe containers will be processed separately from all other deer.

Remember, all deer, whether field dressed or
 trimmed out must be kept cold or frozen

We will REFUSE ANY deer meat that is UNACCEPTABLE.


  Use the menu on the left to guide you through our web pages. 

We are a State Inspected Facility.  We butcher Monday, Wednesday and Friday with inspected butchering on Fridays.

Call us to schedule your butchering date.  Remember, our schedule fills up fast during late summer and early fall.  Contact us as soon as you can to schedule your butchering date. Our number is 641-393-2287.

Elma Locker & Grocery, Inc.

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We Offer:

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*E and E Confections

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* Elma Locker & Grocery, Inc. Meat Case


It's that time of year again!

5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

2018 EZ-Go Express S4 Golf Car AND $500.00 Leisure Time Gift Certificate (msrp $10,333)

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Drawing will be held at the tournament Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the Maple Heights Golf Course - Elma, IA.

Raffle open to all and need not be present to win. All proceeds are donated to local non-profit groups!

Tickets Sold at:

Peoples Savings Bank, Elma, IA

Elma Locker & Grocery, Inc., Elma, IA