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Butchering & Processing

The Elma Locker & Grocery, Inc. specializes in butchering and processing of beef, hogs, buffalo, goats, sheep, and lambs.  We also process deer trim, whole field dressed deer, and we participate in the HUSH program.  Click on the products page in the menu to the left to see the products we carry, and the products we can make from your beef, hog, buffalo, goat, sheep, lamb, and deer.  To see the cutting instructions for beef and pork click on the Beef Cutting Instructions or the Pork Cutting Instructions button in the menu bar.

2021/2022 Deer Season Update:
We are pleased to announce that we will continue to process deer this year as normal.
This will be the 4th year for our deer processing plant, the building across the street to the North of the locker. This building will continue to be a 24 hour drop off for whole carcass deer. All deer need to be properly field dressed, tagged, and labeled with hunter's name and phone number. There will additional charges for improper field dressing. Also, any whole carcass deer that is spoiled from not cooling properly, will be thrown away and you will still be charged the deposit for disposal.
Quartered Deer: We will continue to accept quartered and bone-in portions of deer. All quartered deer meat must be brought in during business hours 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Boneless trim must be in food-grade containers. Any and all deer meat which is delivered to the locker in garbage bags will be kept separate and processed at the end of all seasons when everything else is done. Garbage bags are NOT food-grade. We will have bags available for sale, if needed.
Deer that has been tested for Chronic Wasting Disease, you must notify the locker when you drop off the deer or boneless trim that such meat has been tested. These deer and trim will be kept separate and will not be processed until YOU the hunter notifies us of such results. If the deer test positive, it will be your responsibility to pick up your meat for proper disposal. Any deer that test negative for the disease will be processed as normal.
HUSH Program: We will participate in the HUSH program again for 2021-2022 season.

We will REFUSE ANY deer meat that is UNACCEPTABLE.


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We are a State Inspected Facility.  We butcher Monday, Wednesday and Friday with inspected butchering on Fridays.

Call us to schedule your butchering date.  Remember, our schedule fills up fast during late summer and early fall.  Contact us as soon as you can to schedule your butchering date. Our number is 641-393-2287.

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