Great people, great customer service and excellent recipes are offered on their huge product list for your fresh butchered meat. In addition to its fresh meat counter, it is a small grocery, hot food, ice cream, frozen seafood, lottery, liquor and tobacco with hot coffee served thru most of the day. One stop shop! If your in the area, make it a point to check out Elma Locker!

Ehren M.

Very helpful I took my deer hear and they butchered it. They also told me some ideas on how or options of mounting it. Also the meat is top of the line also tasts amazing.OVER ALL VERY VERY GOOD PLACE.

Bryce E.

I always love stopping here. There is a great selection of meats including a huge assortment of their own flavored bacon and beef sticks. There are assorted grocery items like canned goods, bread, buns, milk and eggs, also a small assortment of beer/liquor and cigarettes too.


Definitely going to give the Elma locker five stars. It’s a great locker and convenience store. Has everything but gas. If you need any little grocery items they have them. They always have something fresh in the warmer. My husband and I love their beef sticks. I love the honey hamsticks, smokey beef strips and pizza burgers. I would recommend.

Raychel R.

This was our first experience dealing with this locker in regards to beef and I am impressed!! They were friendly, helpful, and quick! We will definitely go back for processing of meat and we will definitely recommend them! Thank you!

Jennifer F.

We have been a customer for a few years. They are the friendliest people in a business that I have had the pleasure of working with!! They do an excellent job on everything!! I would recommend them for all of their butchering, and the meats they have for sale. πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ

Sue S.

We were there today to pick up meat and what a friendly place and helpful with loading the meat.. Will be definitely taking animals to be butchered again!!

Maureen M.

Super friendly staff and a great locker!! Pause the meat and cheese sticks are yummy!!

DeAnn C.

Great selection of meat-everything we have tried is good- love the brat patties (they are the best that we have ever had). Congrats to the locker for all the awards they have received so far.

Marsha H.

Absolutely amazing meat….from delicious jerky to tender ribeyes this locker is the best!

Dave M.